#Read2017 February

#Read2017 February in Numbers

My Reading in February

Gosh another month has flown up! February being a short month is a nice excuse not to read much. But then I don’t need an excuse I have been reading a lot. I have been raiding the library and clinging to books as I try to escape reality. Books transport me to another world and don’t let me think much about reality. I made trips to the library every time I needed to get out of home and came back with more books than I intended.

I have been raiding the library and clinging to books as I try to escape reality. Click To Tweet

My Read 2017 plans were fluid enough to let me deviate from them quite a bit. I seem to have learned towards classics quite a bit. I went back to books I have read before and a lot of childhood classics too. Falling back on trusty old favourites like Agatha Christie and Arthur Doyle was the kind of therapy I needed. I wasn’t ready to explore too many new authors this month.

#Read2017 February in Numbers

Total Books Read: 12

Currently Open: 2

New Books Read: 5

New Authors Attempted: 3

Books Re-Read: 7

Books Abandoned: 0 (I am on the verge of abandoning one)

Non-fiction Read: 1

#Read2017 February Reads

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The Most Disturbing Read

Little House on the Prairie. (I know it is a strange pick but I find the series very disturbing and sexist)

The Surprisingly Good Read

The Art of Stillness. (I don’t lean towards non-fiction much and hence the choice)

The Almost-Abandoned Read

Little House on the Prairie.

The “I will go back again” Read

And Then There were None.


So any books you want to see a review of on my blog?


  1. Santhi Saravanan

    March 1, 2017 at 5:11 pm

    Pondering about Art of Stillness… Would love to your review of that book. And what an impressive number of reread!!

    Hope reading has been the much-needed balm for you 😀

    1. Vinitha

      March 3, 2017 at 4:19 pm

      Listen to the TED talk. The book is small but it is easier to listen than read. If you like the talk, borrow the book

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