#Read2017 March

#Read2017 March Update

Marching on

I seem to be writing only about books on my blog. I have been meaning to change it but never got around it. Well here is another update on my #Read2017 plans. January and February were good reading months. March didn’t disappoint. I read huge books.

Now I am hoping to sustain the reading mojo through summer. I always fall behind in summer. It is the combination of school holidays and lethargy. Let us see how 2017 summer shapes up.

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#Read2017 March in Numbers

Total Books Read: 16

Currently Open: 2

New Books Read: 11

New Authors Attempted: 10

Books Re-Read: 3

Books Abandoned: 3

Non-fiction Read: 2

#Read2017 March Reads

All links lead to Goodreads

The Most Disturbing Read

A Streetcar named Desire.

The Surprisingly Good Read

A Handful of Stars

The Almost-Abandoned Read


The “I will go back again” Read

All Grow Up

The Private Lives of Trees

Abandoned Reads

Gold Fame Citrus


Family Planning

Open Reads


Kitchens of the Great Midwest

So any books you want to see a review of on my blog?

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