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Roses are Red

Like every kid, kuttyma wanted to dress up and head out for “candy hunt” this Halloween. Halloween celebrations are something I don’t understand. It is a multi-billion dollar industry and I still haven’t figured out why people go overboard with decorating and serving themed food.

I let kuttyma get into the spirit of Halloween choosing a path that involves the least amount of work from my side. This year I “suggested” kuttyma that she dress up as a “Rose Bush” and she accepted. My plan was the get her in a green tee and brown pants. Get silk roses from the dollar store and stick them on her.

Things went on smoother than I expected. I found a green dress on clearance and she wore it with her brown boots. We picked up a tiara of red roses for cheap and struck some silk roses around her.

Meet my rose bush!


The trick or treat tote, I picked up at World Market on sale and kuttyma coloured it (partially).

It rained all weekend long. We managed to head to the Discovery Green Park for some festivities before the skies opened up. How was your Halloween?



A Room with Wings

Kuttyma never had a room called her own. When we lived in Houston, I did not indulge in the typical parent-to-be chore of setting up a nursery. I was too unsure and practical about things. I did not even buy a crib – I used a travel playcot for nearly 8 months before buying a cheap crib (which she still uses).┬áThe playcot (and the crib) stayed in the master bedroom while we were in Houston and it was perfect.

In Singapore we had playroom where all of kuttyma’s toys and our toys (the computers) resided. I also put the ironing board there. It was a multi-functional room often strew with toys, dusted with glitter and sticky with glue. The crib stayed in the master bedroom (which was a huge one).

When we decided to move to Gladstone, we realized we will be living in a 4+ bedroom house and I sort of started hoping I could play being an interior decorator and give kuttyma a room of her own. As we prepared for the move, the room sort of became a bribe/carrot to motivate her to move. She kept talking about the room and we debated on ways to decorate it.

It was quite evident from my discussion that the room will end up being a true girly room with pink and purple. Butterfly was our chosen theme. I spent sometime on Pinterest looking for inspirations. I didn’t want the room to be completely pink and purple and tulle. I wanted to keep it simple and practical (yes that is my middle name).

I had a practical list to work with. No painting (rental unit), keep the crib (yes it has traveled the world with us and I am just not ready to invest in a toddler bed) and keep it simple. I had the brainwave (read crazy moment) and decided to surprise kuttyma on her birthday with a brand new room.

It meant we had to do most of the work late at night and keep everything within wraps. But we did it! Totally worth it watching her face as she went from corner to corner checking out her new room.


Pool Noodle Wreath at the door


Decals on the wall – new sheets and a butterfly pillow on the old crib


And the best part – the new bookshelves loaded with all her favorite books


Solar night light on the window and her workspace

It was a truly spectacular 4th birthday for kuttyma (another post on that coming soon). She had a blast while I was the one shaking my head in disbelief. Remember her 2nd Halloween costume (Oct 2010) – she was a pink and purple butterfly with homemade tutu and wings from the Dollar Store (you can see the same wings above her crib on the 2nd picture). Time does fly fast.


My office Christmas party is always fun and this year was no exception. The theme for this year’s event was “Lights, Camera, Action” and our team decided to be “Team Harry Potter”. It was quite fun deciding and getting costumes ready.

Graduation gowns make great wizarding robes :)

Trash bags make a great death eater costume.

I had a great time putting together my Hedwig – the owl costume. It has long been my dream to make the owl wings and this was the perfect opportunity.

The dress – lacey off-white dress from Cotton-On and white stockings. Brown shoes and a owl pendant. I taped few feathers to my earrings to make it extra feathery.

The wings – White and grey felt from Daiso. I cut of two white triangular felt pieces and stuck millions of feathers on them using hot glue. It did not take me too long. I added some glitter and real feathers to make it stand out. I used pins to attach them to my dress. On second thoughts I should have made it into a cape as the felt was quite heavy and dragged my dress down.

The hat – a cheap winter hat from Diaso with some felt cutouts and glitter.

What fun! The wings have now been passed over to kuttyma and I am hoping I can save it till her next fancy dress/Halloween – let us see