Q: Quiescence

“Blank. Sterile. Vacant. Virginal. White. Pale. Empty. Void. Bare. Still” She uttered each word loud. Well-enunciated. Rolling her tongue, hitting the roof of her mouth. The sounds bouncing back and falling on her ears. She raked her mind for more words. More words to bounce on the walls. The four white walls surrounding her and closing in on her. “Scant. Unoccupied. Cavity. Bleak. Barren. Arid.” The words filled the room and the so...  Read more

P: Posthumous

“Nothing beats a cup of steaming hot coffee with a side of local news in print” he declared as his wife put the coffee down on the table. The morning edition of the local daily and filter coffee in a stainless steel tumbler was a routine. He glanced at the headlines as he reached for this coffee. “Bastards. Power hungry bastards. Every single one of them. They should be shot” he muttered under his breath as he took a sip of the steaming b...  Read more

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