I have a love affair with sunsets – what a way to make a statement. I am usually an early riser and sunsets are the end of a long day. The finale. Closure. And the inherent hope that tomorrow shapes to be an awesome one.

The winter sunsets in Australia are awesome. A few months back when we were in the Outback I clicked these awesome pictures. I clicked around 100 pictures and here are a few.


It started liked this


This is when we went indoors. The stars where twinkling and beautiful

IMG_7140 IMG_7143 IMG_7182 IMG_7253 IMG_7278 IMG_7292

Here is to great tomorrow!


Book Review : Kurukshetra

I have a confession. Mythology and I are poles apart. We just don't get along. I am bad with names and Indian mythology. I have often tried to purge my mind and "re-educate" myself on mythology via ACK comics (and other grown-up versions of the same). I have failed miserably more than once. For the past 4-5 years, I have kept away from mythology. And as mytho-fiction emerged as one of the fastest growing genre in Indian publishing, I pretended no...  Read more

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