Myella Farm Stay

Myella Farm Stay

Australia and Outbacks go together. It has long been on my wish list to explore life in the Outback and go beyond the turquoise blue waters I am in love with. Myella Farm Stay is one of the few farms in the Outback that offer the experience of living on the Outback. A couple of hours on deserted roads leading inland, we were at Myella being greeted by kangaroos bouncing along. Lynn and her family take ...  Read more

Click On – August 23, 2014

1) I don't hate the alarm clock. I know many folks hate the dreaded alarm clock. This dog's reaction was amazing. Kuttyma thinks the dog is singing [Via Twisted Sifter] 2) Kuttyma is in a LEGO phase. She loves them and can spend hours with them. I am not a big LEGO fan personally but this one ...  Read more

Book Review : Private India

There was a phase when I devoured James Patterson's crime mysteries . I started getting nightmares and literally shaking with fear. I weaned myself off his books and avoided them for nearly 8 years. My reading list has been pretty much tame and murder mystery free. I occasionally pick up a bestseller but I pretty much steer clear of this genre. Given an opportunity to review Private India by the murder mystery kings James Patterson and Ashwin Sa...  Read more

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