T: Temptation

Breathe in Breathe out. Relax” she coached herself as she stretched out on her yoga mat. Under the canopy of trees, she lay stretched out breathing in and out. The fixed morning routine gave her the strength to deal with the day. She loved the energy that filled her body afterwards – the pain, the exhaustion and the high. Breathing in deeply she opened her eyes to stare at the blue sky above her. The blue skies doted with perfect...  Read more

S: The Swing

“Amma is going for a walk”, Anju screamed as she bent down to lace her shoes. She strained her ears to hear an acknowledgement that never came as she expertly twisted the ends of the lace and made the perfect bow. Years of tying shoes laces for her husband and kids did make her a pro. Knocking the partially shut door of her son, she muttered “Am off. Dinner is all ready. I should be back by the time appa comes. I am taking one key with m...  Read more

R: Rambunctious Collaborators

“Buzz buzz”. Her phone vibrated interrupting her daydreams. She reached for the phone with her eyes fixed on her laptop screen. Another weekly meeting - another boring meeting run by a guy who oozed charisma. “Charisma doesn't make meetings less painful” she muttered checking if her microphone was on mute yet again. Her eyes glanced at the message blinking on her phone. The SMS set her cursing. “Dang! I cannot afford to take the late...  Read more

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