Book Review: Moriarty

Like most readers, I have spent many wonderful moments traveling with Sherlock Holmes and Dr.Watson. I lived in the world Conan Doyle created. I have gone back to the books every time I needed a dose of genius. I have tried reading one of Sherlock Holmes "carry-on" fiction many years ago and was deeply disappointed.  I was actually wondering if I was making a grave mistake reading this book. I am glad to report that I wasn't disappointed. ...  Read more

Click On – December 20, 2014

1) I love water but have a strange relationship with it . I don't indulge in water-based activities much. But these photographs make me want to give water activities another chance. [Via Bored Panda] 2) I haven't worked in a traditional office space for more than 1.5 years now but I think I would love to work in Read more

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