I embrace color. I usually wear vivid colors and striking patterns but black is my go-to color. Whoever said "Black is a happy color" is right. It is formal, classy and casual. It is modest, sexy and arrogant too. Black is the epitome of chic and always in style. It is also easy to wear black and a lazy way out. Not so surprisingly, my wish (lust) list has a lot of black. To make this of list top 5 was difficult as I had to cull down quite me...  Read more

Ruled by the Nose

I have an itchy nose. It itches - frequently and regularly (thank you allergies). It is also a very fastidious one. It is very particular about what it likes and what it does not. Dust - Bring the sneeze on. Garbage - Eww. Pollen - itch right between the nostrils. Smoke - Add watery eyes. And the list goes on.The positive side of all this is I am very sensitive to smells. It makes me more aware of my surroundings. I can smell an unclean urinal f...  Read more

Zest of my life

Zest of my life

It just takes a drop - a drop of red food coloring to change the perfectly creamy white cake mix to a pale pink hued one. Just a drop. A teeny tiny one. I must have done this hundreds of times and it still continues to excite me - to make me smile and to fill me with a sense of purpose. Just a drop and tada! Change. And I am not talking just about the cake mix. The right thing even in the smallest of doses can push one out of the rut - the monoto...  Read more

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