Welcome to Poohsden

Welcome to Poohsden, my other home.

About Me

I am Vinitha – an opinionated mom, environmental engineer, story teller, writer, climate change believer, sustainability champion,dance lover and bibliomaniac powered by wanderlust. Am an environmental engineer by education and profession and  quite passionate about green and sustainable living.

I dabble with anything that catches my eye. I have been a RJ on a Tamizh radio, organised events, danced and taught Bharatanatyam and actively promoted things I believe in.

About Poohsden

My blog revolves around my life and includes everything that catches my eye – books, food, family, fitness, travel and words generally. Quite often my days revolves around my little girl Kuttyma (meaning the little one in Tamizh) born in September 2009.

Writing keeps me sane. It helps me put down all the crazy thoughts that criss-cross my mind. It keeps me rooted and it brings a smile to my face. I write emotions and feelings. I know many people find it hard to write emotions but I find solace in writing them down. Often you will find my posts an outburst of emotions and not so meaningful to a random reader. But I am trying to get better at sharing a few details before raining my views.

As a nod to my profession, you will find lots of shades of green around Poohsden.

This blog is for those who believe in me. It is for those who keep prodding me to keep writing better and bigger - in this blog lies a million dreams, inspirations and promises. Click To Tweet

Where is Poohsden?

Poohsden currently comes to you from Houston, Texas. I moved back to Houston in August 2015 after 2 years in Gladstone, Australia and 2 years in bustling Singapore. I grew up in India and am a desi at heart.

Connect and Work with Poohsden

I am open to collaborations and partnerships. Say hi! I am active on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. Stop by and say hello! I love to connect.


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  2. Ronjini

    March 4, 2016 at 5:15 am

    I am ronjini from HarperCollins Publishers
    Do share your email id and contact number.
    Let me know if you review book

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